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Supporting technical interns for everything from education to employment placement

Our affiliate sending organizations are in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar.

All of the organizations have Japanese-style education programs in place and provide thorough training to the interns in cooperation with Good Harmony.

Education programs in sending organizations

Interns are provided with approximately 3 months of training through education organizations authorized by the governments of respective countries.

Employment placement services conducted in cooperation with employing companies.

By interviewing technical interns face to face, you can find the one best suited to your corporate culture.

Education programs in Good Harmony

・Good Harmony only entrusts trainings within each country to education organizations authorized by the government of the country.
《Lectures provided in Japan》
Japanese language teachers design curriculums that are consistent with the contents of the programs provided by the sending organizations.
Detailed education is provided on the knowledge necessary for life in Japan such as; common practices in Japanese workplaces, proper manners in everyday life, Japanese customs, and cleaning.

Immigration    Our staff will meet the interns at the airport.			
Opening ceremony    Orientation
Alien registration
Medical checkup
Lecture regarding legal protection
Lectures from police and fire department officials
Field trip
Comprehension test
Closing ceremony    Assignment
Submission of evaluation sheet

Field trip

High quality follow-up services after assignment

Support will be provided regarding procedures required by the Immigration Bureau and application procedures for examinations.

Detailed guidance especially for the newly arrived interns
Careful and thorough help with paperwork and other procedures

Compliance with laws and regulations

We will provide companies and interns with all necessary explanations for compliance.

  • 《Implementing Organization》Accepting company
・Arranges for training venue and accommodation.
・Appoints a technical intern training coordinator.
・Carries out the training program in accordance with the training plan, keeps training logs and conducts evaluations.
・Accepts technical interns in accordance with the labor union laws and regulations.
・Provides the interns with instructions regarding the training as well as everyday lives
  • 《Supervising Organization》Good Harmony Cooperative Association
・Designs the technical training plans.
・Visits the implementing organizations to provide necessary instructions.
・Conducts inspections and reports to the Immigration Bureau.
・Builds a system to provide consultation.
・Secures travel expenses for technical interns to ensure their return to their home countries.
・Makes efforts to transfer the interns to other implementing organization in case their training is forced to discontinue in the original implementing organization.
・Clearly specifies the supervision expenses. 
・Never charges the interns for the supervision expenses directly or indirectly.
  • 《Sending Company》Company where the technical interns are employed in their home country
・Selects intern candidates.
・Makes intern dispatch documents.
・Guarantees reinstatement of the interns after their return to their home country.
  • 《Sending Organization》Education organization authorized by the government of the country: Acts as registration agency for the interns.
・Recruits and selects interns.
・Arranges for the sending application.
・Never collects money in the name of guarantee deposits or in any other form nor specifies penalty charges.
・Provides the interns with medical checkups before they leave the home country.
・Provides supports for the families of the interns.
・Keeps in contact with the interns and visits the implementing organization.
・Supervises and provides guidance with the interns after their return.
Japanese language education for the interns continues for 3 years.

Japanese language learning materials are provided monthly. Comprehension tests are conducted once every 3 months.
Interns have opportunities to participate in essay contests held by JITCO.
We support interns' studies for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. So far we have had interns who have passed N1, N2, N3 and N4 levels.

Intern support is available 24 hours a day.

Staff interpreters are even available at night time and during holidays to solve any problems interns might have.
On-line support is also available (free chat service).

Support for special education is in place.

We have special education programs and support systems for various qualifying examinations.

We host events on regular basis.

Speech contests and karaoke parties

Follow-up services continue after interns have returned to their home countries.

Interns give us their updates after returning to their home countries.
When you visit your intern's country, we hold a luncheon inviting the intern.